Why the News Cover Celebrities So Much?

Celebrity Journalism is a real thing now, we have termed it as paparazzi. There are even accolades for covering their daily lives, a good example will be National Enquirer winning Pulitzer Price for covering John Edward’s affair. Though It seems morally bankrupt, it was justified...
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3 Celebrities who loved in in the News

Justin Bieber
Some celebrities hate the paparazzi, while some love them. Yes, there are some celebrities who always who up in news, and they are perfectly fine with it. It looks like they y have learned how to make money off the paparazzi. Following, we are going...
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Famous Celebrities Who Hate Being in the News

Fame means constant media attention, and it’s a price of stardom. But your personal life doesn’t have to be a public property, and these celebrities prove that. You don’t have to be a news item every time you go out, and these celebs show how...
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